Binary options: finger away from these strategies

Volatility strategy, trend-following strategy, hedging strategy, contra-trend strategy – all these are well-known strategies for the binary trading trade, which can be recommended over time

Unfortunately, however, there are always strategies on the Internet, which are way Plus500 review now advertised with high profit promises. On closer inspection, it soon becomes apparent that these are often based on false assumptions, or are simply associated with the hair and have nothing to do with the binary export trade.

Especially for beginners, it is difficult to distinguish between the strategy and the strategy that is not recommended. For this reason, we would like to introduce some she anyoption scam how strategies that are part of the latter category, and Trader should keep their fingers open.

Martingale Strategy

For the first time, the Martingale strategy was used in the 18th century, when the French nobility discovered the card game Pharo. The term Martingale is derived from the city of Martigues. Later, the strategy was applied to roulette and should be known to everyone:

The player can play roulette and the like. To red or black. If he decides for black and he is right, he gets the double bet back, which corresponds to a 100 percent return. However, if he loses his bet, the Martingale think clicking here principle is used: Assuming that 10 euros are placed on red and black, then the double, that is, 20 euros is set to red again. But now comes again black, which is why the bet on red is increased by 40 euros. If red loses again, or etoro review will 80 euros are set to red. If red is present, the player has not only lost his / her loss, but also made a profit.

What is so easy to listen to can be very dangerous, because long red or black series are not rare in roulette. If one can no longer double the stake for financial reasons, the entire money is lost.

Bull and Bear Strategy

If you year 24option review of think that the bull and bear strategy is absolute nonsense, there will be no words for the different-pick strategy, because this is really absurd. Nevertheless, there are traders who swear by this strategy.

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The trader thinks an arbitrary number row, as for example 3, 7, 10 and 12. How many numbers are used, the trader can decide out of the belly. The first trade with 3 binary options is carried out using the example number series. If the trade succeeds, it continues who Copy Trading for with 7 trades. The game continues until the last number is reached.

The consistent strategy is the opposite of the different-pick strategy. The trader thinks a number, for example, 3 or 100 euros or whatever one thinks and always does.

Any comment on these two strategies is superfluous, because anyone who gets involved in such a thing can also destroy his that Social Trading think money right away in the Spielcasino.

The idea behind the limitation strategy is simple and at the same time absolutely worthless. Traders should start with a high risk and reduce this during trading. For example, a large sum of 3,000 euros is being started. If the trade is won, the bet is reduced. The game continues until a trade is lost or a reduced amount is left that can not be used for action. Then start the game from the beginning.


There are a lot of questionable strategies for the trading of binary options, not IQ Option review two which are just for beginners, and lose their entire capital. For this reason, beginners should always stick to the tried and tested strategies and not experiment. Anyone involved in the binary export trade must be aware that success is the result of accurate market analyzes and good strategies.

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